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What is Primer?

Our simple app prompts random Questions, Answers, and Commentary, while tracking progress and time invested.

Primer is an education app for parents and guardians of 4 – 14 year olds who want to spark regular discussion on subjects they may be covering at school.

Be reminded at a time that suits you to begin a session, or dive right in. Browse our curated database of age appropriate questions on English, Math, Science, Health, and Humanities.

What questions you choose or how to ask them is up to you, but with 1000 questions per age group Primer’s got your back.

Filter Subjects. Earn Achievements. Share Successes…

Education Starts at Home

age appropriate questions and answers

1st Grade Health

Can you think of a time when someone showed you empathy?

Answers will vary. Look for your child’s ability to identify correct examples of empathy. Some examples are: “My friend gave me a hug and let me be sad when I lost the race.” “My sister congratulated me on my 1st place ribbon from the art show.”

Pre K English

Ask your child to retell a story that you are both familiar with. It can be from a storybook you’ve read together, it can be from an experience you both shared, it can be anything where you BOTH know the facts about the story.

See how well your child does at remembering details and the story in the correct order. Help them if needed by asking guiding questions.

8th Grade Science

The silly sentence ‘King Phillip Came Over For Great Spaghetti’ is a fun way to help remember the 7 biological classifications. What are the 7 biological classifications? (Not including ‘Domain.’)

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species

Why Primer?

The education landscape is changing.

With more parents investing in their child’s education, either in full-time homeschooling or daily huddles around the kitchen table, we felt there is a need to help prompt and support parents in regular educational discussions.

Primer is first of its kind to be squarely focused on the needs of the parent or guardian, and is the product of countless hours hunched over laptops, brainstorming ideas, and leveraging a decade of experience in classrooms.


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