Education starts
at Home.

Primer Prompts Parents with Perfectly Picked Perplexities
Per Pupil.

We all want the best for our children, and as parents, there’s nothing more valuable than our time. 

Prime your child for success with random, age-appropriate questions on Science, Math, English, Health, and Humanities, plus topics that might not regularly come up, like Empathy and Mindfulness.

Discuss the answer and thoughtful commentary then celebrate their success with friends and family.

Primer contains over 1000 questions, answers, and comments per age group, from 4 – 14 years old.

for parents by parents

Daily Routine

Creating a regular time to talk with your child can make all the difference to their success. Set a reminder in the app, or just start a Primer session when the time is right for you both.

Your Discussion

Randomized questions and answers in math, science, english, health, and humanities. Skip a question or filter on a subject, you are always in control of the conversation.

Celebrate Success

Primer tracks time invested, performance, and achievements providing plenty of opportunities to celebrate your success together.

“Our greatest natural resource is
the minds of our children”

– Walt Disney

Our story

We came up with the idea for Primer whilst on a break, traveling around in our camper van.  The idea that parents themselves need support when educating their kids at home is central.

With over a decade of teaching experience, from pre-school to high school, it wasn’t difficult for Mandy to spot students whose families shared in the teaching responsibility.

Kids that were routinely challenged at home through discussion and problem solving had more confidence, and better coping skills, and we wanted to encourage that.

It’s our hope that with Primer, more parents will experience those satisfying “Ah-Ha!” moments when your kid has a breakthrough, and something “clicks”. Particularly if your child has struggled to understand something. For teachers… those moments are certainly more satisfying that their pay checks!

Developing our first app together has been challenging at times, but it’s our hope we’ve created something of value.

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